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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

What else can make your visitors more annoying than the lower speed of your webpage? It is very harmful to your website traffic as well as SEO performance. So if you are a website owner or webmaster, it is very mandatory to monitor your web page speed as it can greatly affect the overall user experience.


Commonly, people don’t want to keep their patience when browsing on different sites and to wait for a long time to load the page, they just like to get all the information they need in a second. This is why you should monitor your web page speed and take help from the free pagespeed insight checker!


This tool will help website owners to analyze the website load time and how to improve website performance. So, you can easily figure out whether your Website Speed is fast or slow by using this pagespeed insight checker tool. It is very user-friendly and simple. This tool will surely help you to optimize your webpage and attract more visitors to visit your page.


What is Page Speed?


Page speed is mainly a measurement of the loading time of the content of your page. Sometimes, page speed is confused with website speed by many people. Page speed is the speed of a particular page to view its content. It may be sometimes referred to as "page load time". The time to receive the first byte of information from the web server taken by a specific page depends on the Page speed.


You can evaluate your page speed with a free online pagespeed insight checker.


What is Website Speed?


“Website Speed” may be sometimes referred to as the “Website Load Time”. It is the amount of time taken by a website to show all the content of a specific web page on it. It is also the time taken by a web browser to get the information from the server.


Most internet users don’t like to wait too long to visit a page. That’s why website speed, as well as page speed, is a very significant component. So the webmasters and the website owners must check their website speed to gain better traffic. They should keep in mind that a faster website speed gives you the guarantee of gaining a better result.


Why you should check your page speed


It is recommended to all website owners to check the page speed to detect how much time that specific page usually requires to load. At present, several factors affect your page loading time, such as:

  1. High-quality images
  2. Slideshows
  3. Animations
  4. High-resolution videos
  5. External Applications etc.


It has been mentioned before that the website load time plays a very important role to earn a lot of web visitors. Most of them always expect a website to load so fast. Otherwise, they will leave your page for sure and go forward to the next website. So always remember to perform a page speed test regularly. Because the more satisfied visitors you gain, the higher opportunity you will gain good page rank.


More About Pagespeed Insight Checker


A website becomes successful when it has better page speed. Not only are your visitors satisfied with it but also it is a sign of your website’s efficiency. To increase the traffic as well as the revenue of your website, it is a duty of every website owner or administrator to make their website fast and user-friendly. So they have to check their web page speed regularly. And the page speed insight checker is a big help for them!


The page speed insight checker is a free online tool that can help the website owners to have a high bounce rate. By using this tool, the website owners can get an idea of the performance of their website. This tool provides all the information to take necessary steps for improving the Google page speed as well as overall performance.


Why use page speed insight checker


The pagespeed insight checker is an SEO tool that is more efficient and reliable for search engine optimization. This tool is created to help all the website owners to be sure that their website visitors are having a better experience while browsing their web pages. As most of your visitors have no tolerance for a slower loading page or website.


You can use this tool if you have a higher bounce rate and you want to improve for easier navigation. If you do so your visitors will stay longer on your website and as a result, you can make a better revenue if you are doing any online business like selling goods or services.


If you are having a bad experience, your website traffic, as well as your revenue is reducing day by day, then you should focus on your page speed. Because your visitors are not staying on your website that is comparatively poor and slower than the others. So you must test your page speed regularly and use the free page speed insight checker to save your time and effort.


Increasing Your Page Speed


Google has marked the website speed as well as page speed as one of the most significant factors that are used by its algorithm to rank pages. Research has discovered that Google may specifically measure the time to get the first byte while monitoring the page speed.


Moreover, if your website is slower then the search engine crawlers will crawl fewer pages that will negatively affect your business and reputation. After checking your page speed by pagespeed insight checker, you can follow the below steps to increase your page speed:


  1. Using appropriate image size
  2. UsingCompression Tools
  3. Using a magnifier tool for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  4. Using a Leverage Browser Caching Browser
  5. Reducing redirects
  6. Removing render-blocking JavaScript
  7. Improving server response time
  8. Use a content distribution network
  9. Optimizing images


A great factor for SEO is a good page speed score. A good Google PageSpeed score is usually considered to be 85 or higher. A page speed score between 85 and 65 is considered to be an average score and a score below 65 is considered as Poor page speed. These scores are quite stable because of the algorithm used by Google to calculate these kinds of numbers.


Page speed is a really important element because a fast loading speed of a website improves its user experience, reduces bounce rate and also improves its conversion rate. For these reasons, Google has decided to make page speed a significant part of their ranking algorithm. In 2010 Google has officially announced the page speed as an SEO ranking factor.

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